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Luxury Crocodile Leather Wallet for Men

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Luxury Crocodile Leather Wallet for Men
Leather : Crocodylus Niloticus


Color : Black

Size : 185*90*20

Made in Korea

This is MH International Co., Ltd from Korea. 
MH started as a special leather company. 
The production lines are forming a special leather goods that process and pay more attentiveness mainly engineers with more than 20 years of experience We are creating a completely different quality from the other companies.
 MH has produced many over-the-counter design products of domestic brands as OEM way with our know-how. MH supplies the various leather products and fabrics by ourselves and can retrench the material expenditure.
 Also, MH has strengthened our own production line so it is possible to do all IN-HOUSE. 


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Luxury Crocodile Leather Wallet for Men